What to pack for Cabo Verde

Cape Verde has a very hot and dry climate through the year, which means any packing advice will apply regardless of the time your are visiting the islands, so let’s jump right in. Due to flight being the only way to reach the islands, it’s best to pack as light as possible. Thankfully, you can travel to Cabo Verde very lightly. What are the items you absolutely must take with you? Let’s see:

  • documents – valid passport, tickets, and insurance documents
  • loose fitting clothing – prepare for it being really hot
  • flip-flops for the beach, sandals for the cities, hiking boots for trips into the wilderness
  • swimsuit (and a towel) – you wouldn’t want to miss out on Cabo Verde’s amazing beaches!
  • sunscreen with a protection factor higher than the one you use in America or Europe
  • sun hat – an absolute must have due to strong sunlight, best a wide-brimmed one
  • sunglasses – take a pair with UV protecting filter for the reason mentioned above!
  • insect repellant – from September to November there are malaria-bearing mosquitoes on Santiago, and in other months the insects can be annoying
  • light raincoat – from July to October you may encounter short but intense rainfalls
  • a single pair of long legged pants and long legged shirt each, as well as a light sweater – it can be quite chilly in the evenings or in the mountains
  • furthermore, before you leave, download an offline map and an offline Portuguese translator, as internet access is spotty even in towns in Cabo Verde
What are the prices like in Cabo Vered?/ photo: Cayambe
What are the prices like in Cabo Vered?/ photo: Cayambe

Before you go, check out the weather in Cabo Verde and the various attractions of the island country.

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