Accommodation in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde doesn’t have that many places for accommodation, especially when it comes for decent quality places in reasonable places. There are three places we personally recommend, and which we will briefly describe below. We also invite you to read our articles on the weather of Cape Verde, the attractions of Cape Verde and what to take with you to Cape Verde.

Buddha Beach Hotel is a hotel in Santa Maria, a small town on the island of Sal. This is our favorite hotel on Cabo Verde, offering doubles and family rooms (2 adults + 1 child). It’s located on the outskirts of the town, so be prepared for a bit of walking. It’s worth it, as Santa Maria beach is one of the best on Cabo Verde. You can also use the hotel pool. Keep in mind that the hotel uses a bit of false advertising, putting up photos of rooms better than they actually are, but that’s common in case of all hotels. In our opinion this is still the best hotel in the country.

Praia, as both the capital and the largest city of Cabo Verde, offers a wider range of accommodations. especially since an airport offering connections to other islands of Cabo Verde, Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam and Casablanca is located in the city located on the very south end of Santiago island. There are two accommodation places we recomend in Praia.

Hotel Cesaria is a hotel located within walking distance from the city center but still firmly within the city. This small hotel offers a few doubles and one single room. You can book an airport transfer to the hotel, there’s also free wi-fi, an on-site restaurant and a market within walking distance. The other place worth checking is Hotel Vip Praia, a four star hotel located by the seaside. It offers doubles and single rooms, transfer from the airport, a small swimming pool, and free wi-fi, but it must be said that 4 stars in Cabo Verde barely translates to 3 stars by Western standards, so it’s best not to expect much (and not dine in the hotel’s restaurant).

Hotels of Cabo Verde/ photo:  Manuel de Sousa
Hotels of Cabo Verde/ photo: Manuel de Sousa

Where have you stayed in Cabo Verde? What were your experiences? Share them in the comments below!

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