Map of the islands of Cabo Verde

What are the islands of Cabo Verde? How far are they from each other? How can you travel from one island to another? We will try to answer briefly in this short article. Cabo Verde is made of ten islands (all of which expcept for Santa Luzia are inhabited) and five islets (uninhabited), with a total area of 4033 square kilometers. You can see the map of the whole country below. Every of the nine major islands has attractions you wouldn’t want to miss while visiting Cabo Verde, so prepare yourself for a frequent transfer between them!

How can you travel between the islands of Cabo Verde?

Most transportation in Cabo Verde is done by air, though there’s also a ferry service between Praia on Santiago and other islands. However, ferry service is much slower than the planes, which in Cabo Verde are rather small and low flying, resembling long distance buses more than the large passenger planes we are used to. There are airports on Boa Vista, Fogo, Maio, Sal, Santiago, Sao Nicolau and Sao Vincente, and while Santo Antao doesn’t have its own airport, it’s located very close to Sao Vincente and has a frequent and reliable ferry service.

Map of Cabo Verde / source:

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